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Are you in a temporary funk?

Feeling depressed? Feeling helpless? Feeling discouraged?
We’ve all been there. The things that normally make you happy begin to bring you down. You cannot seem to understand why.

Design My Day Molly

We have a way forward

Design My Day logo


of activity ideas

Doing something, even something very small, is a fantastic way to escape negative thoughts and feelings. Since it is sometimes hard to think of new ideas while stuck, we crowd-source ideas from others.


A tribe there to help

We bring together people in your local area to help each other. People suggest new activities, vote for their favorites and share testimonials on what helped them.


Helpful for everyone

Our easy to use app works on most devices and is free. Our aim is to get you an idea quick and get you out there doing something and feeling better.


How it works


Voting for the activity you think another user should do today.

Activity Ideas
  • Suggest something new
  • Browse the existing ideas
  • Vote based on how the user feels

Tell how you are feeling and receive idea suggestions for what to do today.

Get Suggestion
  • Select a feeling
  • Pick how intense your feeling is
  • Get suggestions and pick your favorite

Go do something feel better!

Do Something Feel Better
  • Put away your device
  • Go do the suggested activity
  • Share a testimonial with the community


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In the mountains
Hike through the mountains
Under tree
Walk around an old tree
Design My Day Molly

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